What Others Say

Mary E
Parkville, MO
">"Charles went on and beyond to make sure that we were happy and closed on time. The process was so smooth our friends kept saying, "just wait,...
Testimonial from Mary E (06/03/2015)

Aaron H
Weston, MO
">"Charles was very thorough with our paper work. He made sure nothing slipped through the cracks. Great service and a very nice guy as well. I...
Testimonial from Aaron H (06/04/2015)

Caroline H
Holt, MO
">"Charles was wonderful! I originally started the home buying process with a different bank and decided to switch to working with Charles and...
Testimonial from Caroline H (06/04/2015)

Ryan B
Kansas City, MO
">"My experience with LeaderOne, and specifically Charles Ferrara, was outstanding. There were some speed bumps along the way, which was not...
Testimonial from Ryan B (06/04/2015)

Derek S
Kansas City, MO
">"Charles was good at letting us know what was happening and what would be happening next as we progressed through the mortgage process. He was...
Testimonial from Derek S (06/04/2015)

James B
Liberty, MO
">"On what I consider a short time span for a closing date, I thought the speed and accuracy that this loan was completed was outstanding. I will...
Testimonial from James B (06/04/2015)

Esther M
Raytown, MO
">"We could not be happier! After being rejected and mistreated by a different company, you all made it happen and we are now living in our own...
Testimonial from Esther M (06/04/2015)

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Kansas City, Missouri 64153
P: 816-215-2919
Charles Ferrara

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